A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Successful quest!

After a dull start the morning brightened up and we set out on a quest.

When walking on New Year’s Day I had a fall, as I said at the time nothing damaged except I found out later that the outer trim on my camera lens was missing.

With a little detective work we decided the most likely place for it to have been lost was when I took the first photo (thereby opening the camera case) I took after my fall. This was at the end of the path crossing Beckfoot golf course where people were struggling down the icy hill. Glad we did that walk as it looks like we won’t be walking with our group again for a while.

We walked down Mouse Wood steps, very muddy, into Myrtle Park, very icy. The contrast between Bingley and home in terms  of icy conditions was very marked. We were rewarded with coffee at Tarquin’s and it was good to hear they will be staying open for takeaway during the new lockdown.

We then walked down through the park to Beckfoot Bridge, with the ford through Harden Beck rarely used by anyone with sense, we have seen 4x4’s stuck here!

From there on to the golf course path. I looked all over and thought it was probably a wasted effort but Chris spotted it
and it fitted back on with out a problem. Successful quest and a nice walk and coffee thrown in!

Can anyone see the bear with a hat on in the chimney above Tarquin’s? 

Swapped tge blip and the extra

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