The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

This is the End, or something

Of course, there isn't really a lake in the cemetery! It's just an illusion. However, it really is true that Trump supporters have stormed the US Capitol, and that more than a thousand people have died from CoVid in the UK in the past 24 hours.

It's quieter here. I got up late; did my tax return after a bout of procrastinating, and went for a walk around the cemetery/nature reserve before the sun set.

Went to put the wooden kings in the wooden nativity, but couldn't find them! Annoying ,because I found them just before Christmas. Must have put them in a safe place. That's fatal.

My new toy arrived, too. I'd ordered it because I thought I might be spending more time at home. Maybe, maybe not. It's a wireless Bluetooth speaker, handy for carrying around the house and making my music sound better.
And it does!

Just been asked to work half a day on Friday at nursery. It's not my usual day, but I did offer. Can't stay away forever, no matter how scared I feel.

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