By flavia13


Yep the Hellebore again, very drippy and droopy this time.

TRUMP HAS BEEN BOOTED OUT OF TWITTER - YEAH. Not that I ever use twitter myself, wouldn't know where to start and don't want to.  For him though it's just about 4 years too late.  Only 10 more days to be before he is gone.  I don't know much about Biden and whether he will be any good or not, but HE IS NOT TRUMP - that is a big plus.

A quiet day as the weather is vey cold, grey and dreich.  

I may have to try and visit Mum again as her Bubble, just because she is so lonely really.  I can then take some shopping over for her.  I don't want to leave the house but apart from me phoning her twice a day she really has little contact with anyone else at all.  I will leave it for a bit though and see how things go and how she is coping.  She is very stoic, just lonely.

Do stay home, save lives and stay safe.

See you all tomorrow.

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