A time for everything

By turnx3


Yesterday evening I had gone on the Public Library app. to see if the book for next months Book Club is available, but I found the app wasn’t working, so I tried again this morning, still no luck. So I went to the website, and discovered they had introduced a new app at the end of December - mystery solved! They also seem to have changed the library logo, which I don’t think is anywhere near as striking as the last one. However, I found out the book I wanted was available at the Madeira branch, and the app also reminded me I had a book to pick up at Symmes Branch, that I’d requested. I went to Madeira first, then on to Symmes, stopping off on the way for a short walk at Pioneer Park, where I spotted this striking fungus on a tree just a little way off the trail.. I also took several shots of the icy formations on the stream, and the frozen pond, but I finally chose the fungus for my blip. I didn’t walk for very long, as it was really quite cold. The forecast had shown the sun coming out about mid morning, however it didn’t put in an appearance till mid afternoon! After a bit of lunch, I set about taking the Christmas tree and decorations down in the family room. I know it’s a bit late - I usually take them down on the 6th, but Laura was leaving on the 7th and that was Thursday, so I decided to leave them through the weekend - you will realize I was rather reluctant to take them down, wanting to keep the colour and lights a bit longer during these dull winter days! I am however going to leave the candle lights in the windows until at least the end of the month!

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