Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The Link

What links this together is, of course, BobsBlips subject for today's widwed challenge - 'sky'.

Woke up to a horrid dark grey day of rain and wind, not conducive to outside shots, so instead I found two of my books related to the subject (An Ocean of Air by Gabrielle Walker, which she calls 'a natural history of the atmosphere', plus Xinran's story Sky Burial).

In between them is a framed postcard of a famous Winchester event - the flying of a spitfire under a bridge on the east of town by a young WW2 pilot who'd just heard news of the armistice. 

And the story's still very well known round here.  When real Hampshiremen (the trades in particular) come into the kitchen to service the boiler or clean the oven, they always comment.  Some of them want to take it off the wall for a closer look.  They ask me if the photo's real, but as, to my knowledge at least, it surfaced just at the time when PhotoShop was getting going, I have to say, 'Probably not'.  Still can't help loving it though.

Meanwhile, the old Spitfire Bridge in the picture was knocked down and a wider one put up for the M3 extension.  Thanks, Maggie!  But the closest road junction is still officially known as 'Spitfire Link'.

Finally, yes, the blip is a double exposure, the background taken through my bedroom window and all lit by what little daylight we were given.  It seemed appropriate.

Many thanks to Bob for hosting today.  And keep safe and well, lovely blippers  xx

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