Another bright and frosty morning, well it wasn’t that bright when I headed out, but with just enough daylight to spot the ice.  I still struggle to get out of bed in the morning, but I do enjoy getting out for an early walk. Way back in March when I was first sent home to work, it was my plan to go for a wee walk every morning before work, but then lockdown came along and we were only allowed out once a day, so my pre-work walks were very short lived.   It took me about six months to get round to trying again.
Work was busy today, lots of calls, some more productive than others.  One in particular was very productive.  The morning passed rather quickly, then the boys appeared for lunch,.  I popped out in the sunshine for twenty minutes and grabbed my lunch on my return before sitting at my laptop for the rest of the day.
TT sorted tea out, then I popped out for a few more steps, and BB watched a Lord of the Rings movie which lasted for hours. It’s really frosty again and I noticed there must be a burst pipe nearby with water running like a river.  It was being investigated earlier, but they haven’t been successful in fixing it.  It was all be frozen solid by the morning.
These frost patterns were on the car first thing this morning.

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