By dunkyc

Reasons to be cheerful (in 4 parts)

“Oh! New York is THAT way!” said no one in Kendal, ever. 

This is usually the world’s most useless and misplaced signpost, but today it has served two functions as both a blip and a meeting point.

When you’re down and feeling blue, one often recommended technique to help you lift you out of it is to think of three good things that happened that day.

These don’t have to be earth-shattering, life-defining moments, it can be as simple as; the perfect brew, shower was just the right temperature, how the sunlight caught somethingorother etc.

There was a bunch of stuff happening today which helped lift me from the post children drop-off blues.

Firstly, the Supreme Court upholding that insurers will need to pay more business interruption claims to small businesses. This will create a whole heap of work for my colleagues and I, but it is the right decision and I hope that the majority of these businesses (my clients) get the pay-outs that they so desperately need.

Secondly, I met up with a friend in town and we had a fine, socially-distanced wander about in the cold sunshine. We both acknowledged that there wasn’t an awful lot to catch each other up on, but it didn’t stop us chatting away and at the end of it, I think we both felt better for having some grown-up (in the loosest possible sense) human company.

Thirdly, a new posh coat, which is partly a birthday present turned up today (I thought it wasn’t going to as a result of some post Brexshit shenanigans) and it is lovely and warm and brill.

Finally, I finished my day by swapping messages and treasured family photos from over 40 years ago with my new/old friend Maria who made a re-appearance last year and who I have now realised, was originally criminally omitted from my best bits of 2020. I have now corrected this wrong.

Lovely way to ease into a weekend which has nothing on the agenda!

Stay healthy.

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