Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


As a nature photographer, it goes against my instincts to fiddle a lot with an image.  But...sometimes it is really fun to try new things.  And, since my attempts yesterday at impressionism were met favorably, I decided to venture into the world of post processing a bit more today.  This started out as a very drab image - one that I snapped while walking back to my car.  In fact, when I opened it on my computer, my finger was on the Delete key...until I thought that it might be a fun image to work on.  

I wish I could reconstruct exactly what I did.  I made adjustments in LR, mostly using Dehaze and Clarity, along with a bit of a crop.  Then I played with it in Color Efex Pro - didn't like anything.  So, over to Silver Efex Pro where I found some filters I really liked.  This is the one I finally landed on because it looks so wintery to me.  I would love to know what you think, along with suggestions, of course.  And I will (reluctantly) put the original image in Extra.

It was interesting how many of you weighed in on how exhausting the last year has been.  I think all of us feel like we've been living in a heightened state of hyper-vigilance since sometime in March when Covid became a reality.  Those of us closely tied to the US elections had the added stress of that, but it has been Covid that has weighed most heavily on us all I think.  And now, it seems like a whole new level of stress is unfolding around the scarcity of vaccines.  I know (hope) this year is going to get easier, but right now it feels very difficult.

On a positive note, I spotted the white junco under the feeders just a little while ago.  I hadn't seen it yesterday so was mildly concerned that it might have fallen prey to something.  

I will most likely go back to something birdy tomorrow, although I must admit that I've been having fun the last few days.  

Stay safe.  Be kind.  Find chocolate...and eat it.


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