Sun Rays

Dreadful weather again this morning - torrential rain and sleet and strong winds - so I didn’t go out until the afternoon.

There is a flood warning out for the beck that has featured in the last couple of blips - but by the time I got out the water, although higher than previously, had actually started to recede (there was evidence of silt up the cattle ramp above the current level).

It was quite bright while I was out  - but exposed in the wind it was bitterly cold. Anyway I managed to capture some crepuscular rays as the sun was sinking behind the clouds - and I also saw a nice little group of beech trees lit up - with the moon high in the sky above (see extra).

Finally spoke to mum - she is feeling fine but still hasn’t got the COVID test results - it seem the reference number she has is wrong…the wardens at the complex are trying to chase it up for her. Pretty certain she doesn’t have it and will get her jab on Saturday.

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