Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

White and Frosty

Very white and frosty here this morning and a peaceful time in the reserve.  I spent most of the hour or so I was there rather unsuccessfully trying for ice pictures.  Just for a laugh I've tagged this for both FlowerFriday and DerelictSunday.  Very many thanks to, respectively, BikerBear and Marlieske for hosting.

For the rest of the day I've just felt rather chilly.  Normally I jump in a hot bath when I get that cold but of course the hot tap has chosen to go kaput.  A plumber called Ian is coming tomorrow afternoon (he sez).  Meanwhile hailstones are piffling down onto the conservatory roof.  Cosy  ;-/

Lastly, just to say an enormous thank you for all your wonderfully kind comments, hearts and stars on yesterday's.  The cygnet was still in exactly the same place today, she didn't look like she'd moved much all night.

Have a great weekend  xx

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