Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Landing Gear Engaged...

I had the most delightful morning walking at the wildlife refuge with several birder friends.  It was quite cold with wind and a short snow flurry but we walked and talked and had a really great time.  And, we got to watch this young red-tailed hawk swoop down into the marsh and grab what appeared to be a vole which he promptly dismembered and gobbled up.  I put two shots on Flickr starting HERE showing the post-grab and the dispatch.  Worth and look and not at all gory.  

Back at home, working on photos, playing with some impressionistic images and enjoying the warmth.  Still basking in the inaugural afterglow. I had to watch Amanda Gorman again today on YouTube - that girl is just flat-out amazing.  

Thank you for sending my impressionistic American Flag to the top of the Popular page - to be joined by so many people from all over the world in celebrating this new administration warms my heart on every level.  Thank you.

Be kind and be safe.  And if you have chocolate.... well, you know what to do.


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