Licensed flying

After a slow Saturday morning, I went to my office early in the afternoon.
I kept thinking about my work in the back of my mind all the time, and with nothing special to do in the afternoon I decided to get rid of this feeling and get some things done.
So here I was, 13.00 hours behind my desk. Coffee in the making.

After 30 minutes the first messages came in from Peter. "The weather is getting better, how about some flying?" Within minutes my phone rang. It was Richard. "I feel like flying this afternoon, now that we have all our licenses. Where will we go?"
I explained I was at my work. "Stop!" he said. Listen to what you just said. "I'm at my work" I repeated... It's Saturday, what goes wrong here?? he replied. Haha.
Ok, OK, I'll join. Peter as well.
I went home to collect my bag with my drone gear and around 15.00 hours the three of us met on a dyke near Punt van Reide. We walked to a quiet spot and all became airborne soon after that.

I enjoyed flying around and when the light was good I managed to capture some shots I'm pleased with.

At 17.00 hours I was back home, cooking dinner. 
Thoughts about work didn't return. (Maybe also because I managed to get the most urgent thing done during the 45 minutes I was at my office.)

Tonight is the first night of the curfew here in the Netherlands. Our lockdown is upgraded with it. From 21.00 hours until 04.30 we're not allowed to be outside. There's been a lot of fuss about it in the past few days, but I don't  think it'll have a huge impact for us. It will last until February 9th, but I expect it to be extended.

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