Life through the lens...

By ValC


A very keen frost last night, and the temperature was zero when we set off for our walk late morning.
Very pleasant though, with a pale hazy sun trying to give us some warmth.
I was very cosy though with quilted coat, hat, gloves, scarf and my winter fleece lined trousers.
Quite a few people out and about, including two lots of neighbours, so stopped for a chat.
Walked to the pond, which was well and truly frozen solid. No ducks to be seen.
Someone had been feeding them and the corn was all frozen in the ice.
While we were stood at there we heard a strange noise something like a gunshot. Realised it was the ice breaking round the edge of the pond. I remember hearing it once before when we were walking along the frozen canal. Then it was a surreal experience as the ice cracked all along the canal side. Coming towards us and disappearing into the distance.

The hellebores in the collage were growing at the edge of the pond, and the top left photo is frozen moss.

Extra is one of the chocolate muffins Hannah had baked, and brought round for us yesterday. I was very full after our evening meal, but couldn’t resist eating one with my cup of coffee. Delicious.

Also had a long chat with our eldest grandson last night. He sent us some photos, and a video on WhatsApp showing us the new furniture for the nursery. ( see extra) They are so organised, and the baby isn’t due until May.
Can’t quite believe we will soon be great grandparents!

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