By simisue


It was a cold day with a damp wind, that reminded me of October in Michigan.  Angus & I took a short walk, then headed home, because it was miserable.  When I saw this faded, dry AGAPANTHUS flower, it seemed to illustrate how I felt. It was good to finally get home.

The other day I received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles
explaining that I might be able to upgrade my drivers license to a REALID, easily on line.  In the US, we are required to get this new ID to be able to get through airport security, starting in October.  My DL expires in May, so that is my deadline.

I agonized over it for days because their website is like a circle of hell, but going to the DMV, in California is much worse.  I dove in & spent 
2 hours setting up an account, then filling out forms. Just when I got to the last page to make an in-person appointment, the website sent me to a page that was useless.  So I will need to go without an appointment, which is the worst possible outcome.  It takes hours even with an appointment.

I have done it before & will survive it again; but I am DREADING it. 
I will probably look like this AGAPANTHUS when I get home!

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