A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


After the lovely big trees of Hirst Wood yesterday we were looking at trees in the St Ives Estate woods today. Walking along the low path there were lots of signs of trees that suffered in last week’s  Storm Christoph.  I particularly liked the shape of this tree with the milky sun behind it.(Left)

Walking up through Betty’s Wood it’s mainly new trees that are the focus after the clearing of the diseased trees a couple of years ago. There seem to be as many springing up outside the plastic planting tubes as those within. 

We’d seen Robins and Blackbirds as we walked through the lower woods.Then we watched a Nuthatch on the feeders at Betty’s Lodge and then I thought I had spotted the Little Owl in exactly the right spot, I took a couple of long telephoto shots before it flew off. At full range it was hard to see and when I downloaded back home it turned out to be a puffed up Thrush!. 
We called at the Ivy Kitchen for a coffee and bacon butty as we’d set off early without breakfast to beat the forecast rain.
Very yummy and the cafe was quiet. Sad to hear there has been some suggestion that it should close as it’s attracting too many customers! Some people think they should have our local beauty spots to themselves. I think they are doing a great job and as I had some actual money on me I left a tip. 
You can choose your time when to visit these places and avoid the busy times.

A good third/half of the pond was iced over and looked rather dull without yesterday’s sun. Leaving I took the picture of these trees adorned with this lovely orange lichen. I must pass them at least once a week but I’ve never photographed them or used them for blip before. (Right)
Good to see some wild snowdrops too.

Minutes after entering the house the rain arrived, perfect timing for a good morning walk.

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