A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Heron on ice!

Didn’t expect to post another Heron shot so soon even when I took the picture. Tried to get him taking off but no real success even though he moved on twice.
It wasn’t till I downloaded that I realised he was stood on ice! Thought that was interesting enough to make it my blip.
Large parts of the canal, Leeds/Liverpool, were iced over this morning. As our road down to Bingley is closed we drove to Saltaire to walk along the canal from the other direction.

The canal side paths were white with sparkly frost but not too slippery. We walked back through Hirst Woods where the heavily used paths were firm under foot due to the heavy frost. The winter trees look beautiful, don’t think I’ve noticed how big they are before.
We were rewarded with a takeaway coffee at Higher Ground, the cafe next to Hughes bakery before returning to Saltaire

The iconic UNESCO village buildings looked great against the blue sky. Remarkably quiet too as all the shops are closed of course.  A lovely morning walk but an eye watering cold wind!

Again better definition in large

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