Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


By the time we got up this morning, the storm forecast had changed and it seems that we are now in for 12-18 inches between tonight and Tuesday midday.  The birds always know when a storm is coming and the activity at the feeders increases dramatically.  The first flakes started coming down mid-afternoon while I was sitting inside, in the warmth.  I briefly thought about setting the hide up and taking some pics and very quickly talked myself right out of it.  Instead, I clicked a few shots through my recently cleaned living room window.  

This cardinal is interesting in that it has the plumage that I would associate with an immature male.  Or, it could be a female with more pigment.  I have been watching how it interacts with the other cardinals in the yard, hoping for a clue as to its gender.  Stay tuned.

This morning Hubs and I got our second Covid jab - big sighs of relief here.  Not sure what to expect in the way of side effects, although almost everyone I've talked to has had a few more aches, pains, fevers, etc with the second dose.  Hopefully nothing too serious as we will need to try to stay somewhat ahead of the snow accumulation tomorrow.  And, if all goes to plan, I think you can expect to see another bird in snow shot.  

SIL has been in a frenzy of moving today.  She has a hard time staying focused so it's all been a bit chaotic.  Hubs and I are just trying to stay out of the way and let her figure things out.  

Thank you so very much for all the love yesterday.  I ended up having a very nice birthday.  The cocktail zoom with my friends was great fun and bestie Peg put together a 10 minute video spanning about 25 years with various snaps of us all through the years.  It was very emotional - lots of laughs and a few tears (for our fifth member, Lynn, who's been gone almost 11 years).  An incredible gift.

Be safe, be loving, be kind.  And chocolate...


Recap of major events in January...
 Jan 2 - MIL received her first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine with no side effects

Jan 6 - a mob of rioters, incited by the 45th President of the US broke into the Capitol Building.  Five people died; members of both Houses of Congress had to be rushed to safety.  Democracy came close to failing

Jan 10 - Hubs and I received our first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine

Jan 20 - Joe R Biden was sworn in as the46th President of the US and Kamala Harris became the 1st woman and first woman of color to hold the office of Vice President of the US.  The world got to know Amanda Gorman, Poet Laureate

Jan 23 - MIL received her second dose of the Covid vaccine with only fatigue on the second day

Jan 30 - I turned 65 years old (wow)

Jan 31 - Hubs and I received our second dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine

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