Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

White on white

Many of you will recognize this unusual looking dark eyed junco - he/she showed up on 31 December and has been a regular visitor since then.  And, finally, I didn't have to worry about whether a hawk would spot it and snatch it up!

Today has been about shoveling, napping, and taking tylenol.  The shoveling in an effort to try to stay, if not ahead, at least even with the massive amount of snow coming down.  Napping because Hubs and I are both experiencing post-vaccine fatigue today.  Mine didn't hit until around 11, so about 24 hours after the vax.  However, when I woke up around 5, it was to an aggressive headache and a lot of achy joints and muscles.  All of which led to the tylenol (which worked perfectly).  

Usually on a day like today I would have been hunkered somewhere outside snapping a gazillion shots.  However, I felt just icky enough that being outside with wind swirling around wasn't appealing.  So, I shot this through the window.  I wish it was sharper, but you get what you get some days.  And I quite like the white bird against the snowy background.  

The snow isn't due to end until sometime tomorrow so I hope to get outside and get some proper "birds in snow" shots tomorrow morning.  I fully expect that any lingering side effects from the vax won't be significant by tomorrow morning.  

As for how much snow we have gotten ... all I can say is that when I went out to top off the feeders a couple of hours ago, it was up to my knees.  

One more shot in Extra, just because I like it.  

Stay safe, stay warm, be kind.  


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