Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Number 8

I was spoiled for choices today but decided to add Song Sparrow to my 2021 yard list with this image.  Song sparrows are abundant year round in NJ but not a common feeder bird.  Which is one of the nice things about snow - it brings in birds like this that I don't usually find in my garden.  There were two of them in with all the other sparrows this morning, all puffed up and packing down as many seeds as possible.  

By the time the snow ended late this morning we had a little over 2 feet.  The winds caused quite a lot of drifting where the snow was at least 4 feet in some places.  Our deck was completely covered in drifting snow so that was my project this morning - to dig out a pathway so that I could keep the heated water and feeders filled.  It was not a fun job, but my reward afterwards was taking an hour to just enjoy my camera and the birds.  When the weather conditions are this severe, they lose a lot of their normal caution and approach much more closely then they would under normal conditions.  Which allowed me to get some fun shots.  Like this one where the sparrow was just hopping to the top of a snow drift against a background of solid snow.  

I woke up feeling absolutely normal this morning, no more vaccine side effects at all.  Hubs said he is still a bit fatigued but much better than yesterday.  So, that was pretty easy.  

I have posted four other shots of birds in snow starting HERE on FLickr

Be safe, kind and eat chocolate!


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