A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Marvellous skies

for February 1st!

Another hard frost but this time accompanied sunshine and blue skies so we decided to get out early for our walk.

Up through the village and onto the edge of the moor at Hunters Hill accompanied by fantastic skies, blue but dappled with lovely cloud patterns. I took lots of pictures so it was hard to choose which one for my blip.

I went for this one, mainly because the picture also shows the heavy frost in the Cow House Beck valley to the left where the sun was yet to reach. The frost kept the ground firm in most places so we risked this return path from Cullingworth to Goit Stock which we have avoided through the muddy months.
There was some ice where there was frozen water but generally it wasn’t as icy as some days over the last few weeks. Unfortunately where the water was running it was still pretty muddy, so this normally muddy route remained so, but we made it!
A lovely start to February, tomorrow sounds like it might be very different!

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