All White!

We had about four inches of snow overnight and it’s snowed on and off for most of the nice to see proper snow. Very chilly out but not cold enough to freeze bubbles.

The birds were having a riot on the feeders about lunchtime and this time the robins were out in force joining blip had to be a robin in the snow. After watching the birds for a while I took myself off for a walk around the garden...I’ve added a collage in extras. 

This afternoon a wren knocked on the dining room patio doors and came in for a warm up before leaving again...sadly I wasn’t around to capture it on camera!

In other news Tesco failed to deliver anything today ringing at midday to say the order was cancelled! Just as well the freezers are stocked...and we’ve still got plenty of fruit so we won’t get scurvy!! The natives will have to venture out for milk tomorrow but I think we’ll cope otherwise.

Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

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