An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lola the snow girl...

And for my next trick.....Tah Dah!  I balance snow balls on my nose!  

So it snowed all night, and all morning, and all afternoon, and all evening and it's still snowing now!

J  was here overnight last night and he hummed and hawed about staying on and working A's shift as there was no way she would get here, but in the end he decided to brave it and set off for his car wearing trainers and a lightweight hoodie!  Honestly what is it with young folk and their complete inability to dress for the weather!  I wanted to give him a blanket, shovel and flask of coffee to take with him but he said he'd be fine.  And he was, thank heavens!  

Once I knew he was home I could relax and enjoy watching the snow fall.  It's really been spectacular.

It was too deep to risk taking Alan out in his wheelchair so this afternoon when D took Lola for a runabout in the garden, we opened the bi-fold doors in the pool room and Alan and I watched the snowy fun from there.  Very odd to be sitting there with the tropical temperature of the pool room behind us and the Arctic blast in front of us.  

Lola had great fun.  I think that's the deepest snow she's ever played in.  It was right up to her armpits!  Great fun and exhausting.  Best laugh I've had in ages was watching David run around after her in almost knee high snow, in his wellies!  :-))

Scottish ski centres are reporting the best snowfalls and skiing conditions in years.  Sadly due to covid restrictions they can't be enjoyed as they normally would be.  What a shame.  

I'm happy enough watching it from the window!

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