By Arachne

I woke in the night realising that although I'd moved all the pallets to the edge of the dining room and cleared a way through the house, I'd forgotten to shift assorted junk off the route from the back door to the shed space. So I got up early and moved the old door, the broken Crittall windows from the old leaky shed that Tivoli and I demolished last July, lots of plants in pots, the capping bricks that I'd sourced and left by the damaged wall so my neighbour can repair it when he gets a moment, the lengths of wood studded with rusty nails, the quarry tiles frozen into boxes and the incredibly heavy planter that I'd left one-third on the path because I couldn't lift it. Then just had time for most of a cup of tea before Chris and Sean arrived from Manchester with the unmantled shed in boxes.

They were brilliant. The shed sellers had told me there wasn't enough room on the plinth for them to work but they created it. They weren't expecting the big pile of bricks on the right - and I've got so used to them it didn't occur to me till this morning that they might be a problem - but they just used some of the bricks to build the shed off the plinth then moved it back. Once I'd pointed out the parsley inconveniently just this side of the path they didn't tread on it. They checked with me exactly where I wanted the shed before they bolted it down, even though there's only about 5cm leeway side-to-side and front-to-back. The temperature never got above zero and I'd forgotten to buy biscuits but they were cheerful throughout.

Unusually I remembered to do before and during photos as well as after and I even got their permission to make them famous on blip.

Then I spent the afternoon happily finding new homes for things. The walls are extremely thin and I'll have to be careful about leaning things against them but I think it's going to do what I need it to do.

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