I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... is he going to fall?!?  The answer in a bit.

Richard had a work meeting canceled this afternoon and was told to use the time for personal things.  Since he had to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy we used this time to pick that up and then stopped at Housenick Memorial Park for a quick (and very cold!) walk.

We were on the return part of our walk when we saw this cross country skier coming towards us.  He did great coming up the hill but as he started to round this small corner he lost his balance.  And to answer the question above ... yes he fell!  But I failed to get any pictures of the actual fall.  I felt so bad for the gentleman .... we watched him to make sure got up okay. 

I could have easily put together another wild bird collage but I felt this told a better story of our day.  I've put a picture of an American Robin in the extras.  I've been seeing this robin for a few days now ... it's nice to see them this time of year.  I makes me hopeful that Spring is on it's way. 

Thanks to Cailleach for hosting Wild Wednesday on a weekly basis.  

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