By hazelh

Girl in an igloo

Here is Caitlin, posing in an igloo on Leith Links during our walk this morning. I found it amusing that she complained that she might get cold inside it - this from the girl who swims in the North Sea at Portobello several days a week!

Other than the weekend face-to-face social highlight of navigating the boundaries of Leith Links, today I have been trying to keep warm at home. It is so cold! I also visited my shed - just to admire it really. I would like to buy something akin to a massive doormat to cover the floor, but they don't seem to go up to the size that I need.

This evening we enjoyed an online social get-together with nadinepierce and Dr S. The four of us are plotting an escape north with the dogs, hopeful that this will be permitted in the summer. We'll see...

I managed to dedicate a couple of hours to my co-authored journal article this afternoon. I am looking forward to doing some more work on it tomorrow (genuinely - I love writing).

Exercise today: walking (c11,500 steps).

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