By hazelh

Ransom note Valentine card

In pandemic times, Mr hazelh is the one who does the shopping in this household. This means that I had no opportunity to buy him a Valentine card (other than in the post office a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't bring myself to pay for any of the horrible specimens there).

I realised yesterday that I would be obliged to make Mr hazelh a card myself, but how could I do that in secret when we are together 24 hours a day? At about 3pm yesterday he announced that he was off to the Beerhive to collect some supplies. I leapt into action as soon as I heard the front door slam. My blip shows the output of my rapid creativity. In the extra you will discover the identity of Mr hazelh's Valentine. The text is actually upside down inside the card, such was my haste to complete the deed.

Today I have worked on my co-authored journal article, and exercised. I was also delighted to see Ridgeback13 for a short while when she popped down our steps with a delivery. I was so pleased to be able to show a third party my new shed. Ridgeback13 kindly first-footed it for me.

Exercise today: 55 minutes on the exercise bike; strength training.

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