By Ingleman

Poker Face Me

Feeling impish today. Truly foul day, grey, windy and no light whatsoever. So what to do. Let's go and buy an axe. Strange how the mind works, but all of a sudden we needed an axe. Neither me nor Mrs I harbour any murderous intent. Nor do we keep pigs. It's very simple really. We have a stove. We burn stuff. We need kindling. We have a long handled axe but I have had too many middle wicket episodes with that feisty beast. Too long for my comfort and manhood. Went to the local farm shop, £35?? Not a chance, not paying that much. Quick Google search and hey presto, Screwfix do the perfect jobbie. Wooden handle, proper toughened steel blade and a free plastic sleeve for when the item is not being used. £10, bargain. Might even try some whittling while I am at it!
My blip today reflects my mood. One of many items of interest adorning my shed / man cave, and a real ice breaker when we have friends round. Oh happy days, good job my wife is so understanding. Mind you, I haven't told her where the axe is hidden..... 

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