Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

My day has been all about muck and mess, but overall it has been pleasurable and satisfying. 

After a lazy start I took Hollie across the fields to the woods at Perton. Initially I tried to keep her clean (ish) but I soon gave up and just let her have fun. And boy did she have fun. 

Running through it. Leaping in it. Rolling in it. She should have been a Gloucester Old Spot. Maybe she was in a previous life.  The black and white image is Hollie running through the flooded lane on the way back. 

I also managed to pick more litter. In fact I cleared the lane - again. The litter collected today has been dropped since my last litter pick in this very lane ( see blip 23rd January). So much so that I had to leave it and go back in the car to recover it. And recycle where possible. 

Then to the job of cleaning the dog. Hose, shower and rub down with hot towels. She's not pampered. Not at all... 

Thanks for the kind encouragement on my Orchid Abstract yesterday. Much appreciated! 

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