David J. Rose

By djrose007

Calm and Chaos

The top two photographs are pretty self explanatory.
Jonty hanging around waiting for Eric to drop food, he's ever hopeful!
The pigeon was perched on top of the Clematis covered trellis fence between the front and rear sections of the garden. It might look like he/she has been building a huge nest but the Clematis hasn't started to come out yet.

Early afternoon Ruby said she'd heard 'A Car' but it wasn't until Johanna came down stairs, from her work, a short while afterwards that she said something was happening on the roundabout.
A cyclist had been knocked off his bike, he is on the road, between the lamp post and the tree. 
The ambulance, and another car, possibly a witness, were blocking the approach to the roundabout and there were already a number of people out there helping, directing traffic, assisting where possible, and probably witnesses to the accident too. There was no point in us going out to add to the onlookers.
I took the photograph from F.M.i.L's bedroom window.
And the police? nowhere to be seen. They didn't turn up until they'd treated the cyclist on the ground, got the 'gurney' out of the ambulance (What do we call a 'gurney' in the UK?). He was in the back of the ambulance when the police arrived. Whoever called them should have said 'There's people wandering around with no face masks on', they'd have been there in a minute or two!
The ambulance, police car, and the small silver car that was obviously the one that had hit the cyclist, moved into the side road on the other side of the roundabout for a while. When the ambulance drove off towards the hospital they were not blue lighting so not life threatening, I would suspect shock and fracture(s) that need treatment. Hope he's ok.

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