By PicturePoems

Tiny Treasure

It's not often I enter the Tiny Tuesday challenge, but today I thought I would. The tiny treasure that is our grand-daughter, I've blipped before. The sliver of new moon that I photographed today isn't really tiny; it's far away. So the treasure I went for is my wedding ring and the diamond and ruby ring that was a silver wedding present over 20 years ago. (My finger outgrew my engagement ring some years ago!)  Although I take them off at night (have done ever since I broke my ring finger many moons ago), I love them very much and feel naked until I've put them on in a morning. So here they are blipped, with thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting the challenge throughout February.

(Remembered that it was Shrove Tuesday today and made pancakes - two each plus one for the tiny tot. She didn't like it, unfortunately! But we all scoffed ours.)

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