By pensionspoet

Happy Birthday gorgeous man

How lucky I feel to be married to this lovely man! Today we took Jon’s car to be serviced and MOTd in Norwich. I followed in the mini and once he had dropped the car off, we drove to Eaton Park because Jon knew there were toilets and cafe selling takeaways (he knows all the open toilets in the city - it is very few) so we had coffee, cake and sat and chatted by the band stand. It was a completely new experience for me (not the coffee cake and chatting, but visiting Eaton Park). It is an amazing park - very popular, with gardens, boating lakes to drive model boats and a huge bandstand with seating circling it. I bet it is lovely in the summer, but also busy.

Then we went to Notcutts to browse, and we bought a lovely big pot to plant my new rose in, plus some bags of potting compost. I can now start planting my seeds.

Home by about 1.30 after picking up Jon’s car. Spent some time with mum, some time watching tv and had an hour in bed with another bad head. Pretty sure it is the result of my accident on Sunday, as the symptoms I am suffering this week are conducive with a whiplash type injury. I probably should have gone to the dr, so will ring them tomorrow. But I bet they won’t see me. Internet says it will take a few weeks to heal.

Have had a fire this evening to try and warm our boiler less home. We are getting good at wearing lots and covering ourselves with blankets. Do we even need heating? I’ve been told the boiler has been bought, so we are just waiting for it to be fitted. Goodbye another £1000+ but it will be good if the new boiler is more efficient and costs less to run. Then a positive will have come out of this.

Now tv. Happy Birthday Jon. Just glad we could spend it together xxx

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