By Teasel

From Barney Hill To The Lammermuirs

A lovely spring-like day.  The perfect day to try out my dodgy knee on a run.  I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks, since before Christmas in fact, but for various reasons – mainly weather related I have put it off.  I have been quite anxious about trying to run again as it has now been over a year since my knee went wrong.  Anyway, I got ready and headed out.  I decided on a wee walk first to warm up.  My plan was to walk, run, walk run until I got home.  I knew my route and I had a plan for where and how much to run and where to walk.  It went ok.  I was aware of my knee, but it felt ok and it held out.  It felt so good to be able to run on such a lovely morning.  Now to see what the aftermath is – I know I’ll be stiff tomorrow, but I am more concerned about my knee.
I came home and hung out the first of three loads of washing and then made pancakes using my friend’s grandad’s recipe.  He was a baker.  They were great pancakes and were devoured by BB.  After lunch we went out for a walk, up Barney Hill along by Barney Mains and back down to Amisfield and  through the golf course.  The views from the hill were great, and seemed such a contrast to everything being white just a week ago.  Everything seemed remarkably green.  I was on tea and cooked up a curry – which is usually TT’s domain - and made a Bakewell cake.  After a chat with TT’s mum I bagged the sofa and watched Bloodlands.  I was weary after all my exercise.
A view to the Lammermuirs from our walk.  I love these long straight lines in the field – such precision.

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