By strawhouse

Happy Valentine's Day

As there wasn't a card from Mr K to put on the mantelpiece today because he's rubbish at Valentine's Day!! I thought the Miss L's birthday cards may as well stay up a bit longer. 
I hate taking all the birthday things down. It all looks so pretty festooned everywhere like an explosion in a birthday bunting and balloon factory!
Mr K did redeem himself - for the lack of card - with a beautiful new scarf. Navy blue with silver moons and stars. He'd noticed that my other blue one  was getting a bit scratty. 
Ha ha, I've just noticed that I'm wearing it over six years ago. During my blonde phase!! Definitely time for a new one and I love it.
Made up for not getting a card.
Or any flowers.
My step total for today was 1659 which really tells you all you need to know about our activity levels today.
I did walk upstairs in the afternoon and get in the bath.  That was exhausting!!
Oh and we booked a few days at Kelling in the Summer holidays with Mrs C, Mr M and the boys. Exciting!!! Or Escorting as my message to her this afternoon said. That's a whole different kind of holiday!!!!
Miss E and Miss L are giddy - so excited to show their friends their favourite place. 
And Mr K and I are giddy that we get to enjoy Mr M's Meetabix again.
Could that sentence sound any dodgier?!!!!!!
I'm just going to stop now.

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