Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH


One of those days when my blip write-up is better than the photo.  At least, I hope so; just look at the photo.  I needed some vegetables for tonight’s meal so drove to the farm shop to get them.  On my way back, two hares ran across the road just in front of the car and started playing in the field (we seem to be in hare country here; I keep seeing them).  I couldn’t stop so thought I would drive back and see if I could see them and get a photo.  When I got back, I spotted the two hares running across the field.  Let’s just say that it looked like the one at the back had sore front feet and the one at the front was giving him a piggy-back to help him run just on his hind legs.  I stopped the car as they stopped and sat down and I waited for a decent shot.  After ten minutes I gave up; they were about 200 metres away, merged in with the ploughed field and were clearly having the equivalent of that relaxing cigarette; they certainly weren’t posing for their picture.

I then drove home past a field which has been recently stocked with piglets.  I stopped for a shot but it was a single track lane and I just had time for this shot through the hedge from the car before having to get out of the way of a tractor.  They’ll be there for a while; I’ll get a better shot soon.

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