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By walkingMarj

A gem of a hellebore

I had a bit of a rest day today. Arth needed to rest after physio and I overslept and.......

I eventually emerged from the house after lunch and did my short walk to Haughton Mains Farm and back. It is always worth looking at the garden of the Dower House. Today the snowdrops provide a backdrop to a delicious hellebore. The garden is raised up from the street and I could poke the lens through the railings.

Mum attended a Zoom Lent Bible study this afternoon, but it went on too long and she had to leave early. They were nowhere near answering all the questions in worksheet after an hour.

I stayed near as technical support but was hardly needed.

I watched an RPS talk with Sunil Gupta. It was a fascinating account of his life and his work.

Now I'm watching Colin Trow-Poole. He has presented a lot of images and been very interesting. We are looking at his successful FRPS panel. 

There are too many great talks to attend at the moment.

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