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By walkingMarj

The white amaryllis is open

Another spectacular show in the kitchen, this time by the white amaryllis.

It's been a busy day although I have not been out.

This afternoon we went to a matinee of Romeo and Juliet. This was a film of the performance, narrated by Derek Jacobi and with Sam Tully and Emily Redpath as the star crossed lovers. It's a wonderful production. The youth of the lovers is well portrayed with all the attendant agonies of falling in love and feeling everything with great intensity. This is a production that GCSE students should see.

It's online until the weekend, so do try to grab a seat for a performance.

Then it was part of a talk from the Crick institute about Covid vaccines.

I managed to make the evening meal (just) before I settled down to watch a Photo talk on textures by Janey Lazenby organised by Camversation. She is an excellent teacher and full of enthusiasm.

I just had to photograph a couple of textures and add them to tonight's image, but I am so tired that I suggest you don't look closely! Tomorrow I may try again.

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