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By walkingMarj

The joy of tulips

I ordered tulips to be delivered on Friday. They arrived on Saturday, but seemed none the worse for it. Every one had a bulb attached which will now be planted and fed through the summer and, hopefully, will bloom again next year.

We have two vases full and they are a delight.

Today I had a physio review with Jani. She set to work on Arth (what a shock for him!). She has decided we are ready to move on to "the next stage"! Sounded ominous.

Basically, most of the inflammation from the tendonitis has gone, so it is time to start working the muscles hard(er) and build up strength. I came away with a lot of homework.

She also gave me a treatment with ultrasound. I took 2 paracetamol, put a programme on iPlayer and knitted this afternoon. It was a lovely day, but not a day for me to walk.

Tonight we had an Architecture evening at the Tynedale Photo Group. There were some cracking images, all presented in panels of 6.

Thank you all for your kind comments on the last two nights of mono images.

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