By TynvdB

Being up before sunrise, I could not find an interesting view of Aurora’s appearance. So I took that chance for the Other Side waiting towards the end of the day. This rising and setting, this coming and going, beginning and ending always brings a moment of Mystery. When you are waiting, not knowing in advance when and where the golden fireball will appear, you have to calm down in your desire to catch the first glimpse. Patience does not fit very well in our overactive way of dayplanning.
In the evening things look easier. You can see how and where the sun has to sink before she hits the horizon. It is a kind of reverse surprising. In fact the beginning and ending of the day introducé two completely different kinds of basic mood. I do not feel the same in waiting to welcome as in waiting for farewell. Especially not when welcoming  precedes the farewell. In the evening I’m confronted with the passing away of my days.
A hopefull morning may have turned out into troublesome middays, in deceiving afternoons. Yet, at sunset I may silently hope for a better tomorrow. But in the meanwhile good or bad nights have to be passed before a splendid rising sun may remember you of yesterdays failure. Oh, I know, you can put all these considerations aside. Just react spontaneously.
Don’t connect today with yesterday or tomorrow. BE ENTIRELY IN THIS HERE&NOW!! Don‘ think but look and listen with your inner eyes and ears, your spiritual senses. You only have to prepare by tuning in on the sacred meaning of life and World. And indeed, how could you ever feel this Moment of Mystery at sunrise or sunset. I said it myself in the third line of this journal…Well perhaps I’ll have to think this over, I mean do my meditation over in a more spontaneous way. Like a jolly crocus, surprising my DearestLove&Me, while doing Our GardenWork on this beautiful Sunny Wednesday. Good Night to You All.

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