A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Well I couldn’t ignore the bees again in the garden. Such a noise as there were so many. I did the extra compilation to give some indication of the sheer numbers of mainly, I think, solitary bees.

I went out into after our zoom Benefice service this morning. Absolutely gorgeous in the sun after the early frost.

I decided to clean all the garden furniture - warning, I did this on a glorious March day a few years ago and that was the end of the good sitting out weather! But they really did need doing and if we are able, hopefully, to have people in the garden before long today seemed like a good day.

I spent a lot of time snapping the bees mainly in the crocus, which were beautifully open to the sun, sometimes two to three in each flower. Then I went in for lunch.

I took my cup of tea out to drink in the garden and looked again. Less noise this time but I spotted a ladybird so went back in for my bigger camera and macro lens. Of course it was gone when I went back but I spotted this first bumble bee.
The bumble bees are usually all over the Pieris flowers when they open, they are currently in bud which is good as I’m not sure there were any last year.

A truly amazing and ‘buzzy’ day after a not too sparkling forecast.

Interesting my iPad has stopped recognising my Panasonic G2 when I down load the pictures (it says no name and it seems it’s not recognised for blip entries either!)

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