59 and a bit more

By 59

Sunflowers in Kelso

These line the quiet road we ride down on the way home after our walk. They look stunning and seem very happy in the heat. 

I did some more packing of the van and went grocery shopping. Boy oh boy the bill gets higher each week. The supermarket is being renovated with very wide aisles ( maybe a Covid strategy). Everything is out of place, condoms next to the children’s toys and cheese in amongst the tinned tomatoes. It took me twice as long as usual looking for things. I got almost everything except I was after some Brie cheese which didn’t seem to have a home. 

We collected the children from school. We have not seen much of them lately and they have been sick with colds etc so that is best I guess. Leo has grown 1 cm since December and Maddy half a cm. They played the piano and epiano ( one each). I bribed Leo, he got a chocolate for each new piece he played getting all the notes correct. That worked well. 

Dinner is ready and we will watch the news ( politicians behaving badly is the topic of the day). 

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