By hazelh

Progress to the right

Mr hazelh took this photograph of the right hand side of our back garden when he popped upstairs this morning. This gives some context to yesterday's picture.

The next task is to insert the galvanised steel where the pallets are currently propped . Then we can lay the next set of paving stones around the shed, order the lawn, lay the lawn, edge the lawn, build the compost box... Somehow we also have to get rid of the two enormous mole hills that feature here. The cairn will disappear as ballast for the steel, disguise the plastic of the pond, and transform into a rockery in the bed against the wall just beyond the shed. (Can you tell I am excited?!!!)

The good news on the work front is that I now have a full draft of my important/urgent document - hurrah! The next task is proof-reading then putting together a table for my colleagues to show them that it now meets the requirements.

Exercise today: 55 minutes on the exercise bike.

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