By suehutton

Red, Yellow and Blue

Since last Wednesday, I've been aware that my left leg has become more swollen and tender. Immediate suspicion of DVT and I only got signed off from the clinic on 18th February.

First, I tried the dialogue box on the surgery website. Appointments for the day over-booked. So I rang the surgery. Left hanging with five calls ahead of me. So then I tried 111. You know that thing of, If it's not this, press that. I got to Six x 2 before I realised I wasn't going to get through since they couldn't put me through to  my local centre. Then I walked to the surgery where the lady at the door said they would only book appointments over the phone and I'd have to try tomorrow.

I stood my ground and told her I had a suspected DVT. She said she'd mention it to the doctor.

While Len, Basil and I were walking in The Outwoods, she called me back. I had to go to the Walk-in Centre. Fortunately, things went fairly well from there and I was triaged within five minutes and had to wait in the car for half an hour until summoned. Eventually, Reiss rang me and said he was ready to see me.

No blood test this time but it was apparent that my leg was swollen and very tender, more so than I had realised. I have an appointment at Leicester Royal Infirmary at 08.30 tomorrow. In the meantime, I was given anti-coagulation tablets.

Early start tomorrow. I've baked my gluten free sausage rolls to eat in the car on the way there. Sadly this time there will be no café open for Len to get a coffee.

Today's photo is of the gate at the entrance to the Outwoods. The juxtaposition of red, yellow and blue took my fancy.

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