Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I made a slow start to the day.  It was a cold morning and I just wanted to stay snuggled up in bed. After a late breakfast I did a few chores.  Then I had a Facebook message chat with my brother firming up a few details for the trip to Ireland.

This afternoon I walked to the Co-op. I went through the allotments as usual but took a longer route to get a few more steps..  And I found the snowdrop in my blip shot. The only flower I saw during my allotment walk. Thanks to Cathy1947  for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

Musical link  SNOWDROPS /Birth by Maddy Prior

I checked out my Vodafone app this morning to see if there were any new competitions or offers in the " Rewards " section.  There was a competition where you clicked on a balloon and when it popped you could see if you won a prize or not.  I was very surprised to find I had won a £5 Amazon voucher.  Another reward was a free greetings card worth £3.50.  You only needed to pay 81p for postage.  So I looked at the website and chose a card.   I will use the Amazon voucher to put towards a new strap for my Fitbit .  The little " lugs " which hold the strap have broken on the one I'm wearing at the moment.

Steps today - 9,098

CORONA CLASSIC - Snowdrops by Konstantin Vassiliev played by Jan Depreter

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