Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Wide Wednesday

I think all photographers get in a rut sometimes; we lose our mojo.  But when you are part of a community like Blip, you don't have to look far for inspiration, for ideas.  This week I have been in a slump, so I've been leaning into the various challenges, today's being Wide Wednesday hosted by RSDPhotography. 

The theme this week is "patterns and repetition".  I think I missed the patterns part, but the repetitions worked.  I also didn't have a wide angle lens on board when I happened across this, so have used some creative cropping.  One does what one must...

I hit the weight room at the gym this morning, timing it when there was almost no one there.  Then, home for a quick lunch before meeting a friend for a walk in one of the state parks.  The trails are all still snow covered so we just walked on the park roads, but it was beautiful, sunny and almost 50 F!  The park has a huge lake which is almost totally frozen now except for a small patch of open water way, way out where there were some geese and swans.  The boats, like these, are all still tucked away for winter.

My parents went out to the Oregon Coast to walk today and Dad texted me some pics.  Kind of hitting below the belt with those pics of the beach while I was staring at snow...

Be safe, be kind.  I'm thinking dark chocolate with a hint of chili pepper...


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