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Underwater Turtle

This turtle popped his/her head up as I was paddling near the rocks at Playa Las Gatas. I have been wanting to capture one swimming underwater for a number of years. Fortunately, the water was once again crystal clear, so even though it was the shape and color of the rocks below it was still visible even 5 meters down.

Such fun hosting the wide Wednesday challenge. I saw many creative entries and very much enjoyed seeing new photographers from across the world. Thanks everyone who tagged their entries so I could easily find them. My very subjective picks are as follows.

Top 5 - hearts to all:

CambridgeDave - I am a sucker for architectural photos and this one, with its wide angle curve, was my favorite of the half dozen entries I reviewed.

SueMiddleton -  I wasn’t sure a natural scene would work with this theme, but this dock and reflection shot fit the bill perfectly.

Kipsie - A close-up provides some great perspective and lots of pattern.

dibifluco - Even though it was not shot with a wide lens, the cropping created a suitable image for this challenge.

Sarahsnaphappy - Great repeating shapes and a minimalist composition make this a winner.

Honorable Mentions - stars for you:



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