a lifetime burning

By Sheol

It's a sign ...

I vaguely feel that at this point the clouds should part a bit further and a deity should lean down to explain to the Knights of the Grail quest that they are being bit silly and looking in completely the wrong place ...

I tried out a new footpath this afternoon, which was fun, although a little muddy.  Unfortunately, my very own quest for new unexplored footpaths is taking me further and further from my starting point now, and I am starting to come up against range limitations.... there's only so far I want to walk in an afternoon if I am going to walk every day. :-)

However, as I looped back towards home around 5pm I was treated to the sight of the sun breaking through the heavy low clouds that had been the major feature of the day.  The rays of the sun coming through the clouds nicely lit up this tree.  I've set the camera exposure for the sky, which partially explains the colours that have come out here, without that much tweaking at all.  The foreground grass I've recovered from the original rather dark RAW image. 

All in all, it makes for quite a striking image.  Have a lovely weekend folks out there in Blipland.

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