By Ingleman


Colours of Spring. Iris, Snowdrop, Daffodil, Blackthorn blossom and Crocus. Where I volunteer the gardens are truly coming to life now. There are massed ranks of daffs which will surely be a blip soon, and myriad other bursts of colour like little explosions all round the borders. Hellebores of various hues and these gorgeous clumps of Crocus. Lazy blip really but I like to share the beauty I see all around. Another nice day forecast tomorrow but storms approaching later in the week. I hope these delicate flowers survive the wind and rain but at least I have seen and captured them at their best.
Not sure if I want to watch the interview with Harry and Meghan tonight. Bit underwhelmed by all the hype around the Royal family, but some people and the media feed off it. I shall probably go for a walk and dream of holidays in the mountains, away from all the machinations of mankind. 

Thank you for comments and stars, as always, very much appreciated. I am trying to get up to date with responses, so please bear with me, I'll get there in the end. 

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