Trying To Lighten The Mood

With what's going on in the world we were looking forward to another good day, with a nice sunny walk with Hollie.

Ha! Hahahahaaa.

Our friend W came around in a bit of a state. And when I say a bit of a state I mean near hysterical, pumped with negative adrenaline and utterly inconsolable. 

She has a history of unstable mental health, has huge anxiety and is terrified of everything. I knew this was not going to end well. It was like an emotional tidal wave in the kitchen, bloody hell. 

Long story short, after she mentioned taking her own life and how many paracetamol would do the trick, I managed to get her to agree to seek help, and got an emergency appointment with her GP which was miraculous at such short notice. I wasn't over reacting. W had attempted  end of life medication before, has struggled since the death of her husband and bounces between the various extremes of depression and anxiety most of the time. 

It is now in the hands of the health experts and a second appointment has been arranged, prescription medication ordered and counselling being sorted.

I have called W this evening to check she is OK and feel reasonably assured she won't do anything daft. Fingers crossed..

Quick blip of the lamp in our hallway, and a shot of the light shining through a glazed doorway for today's offering. I need a drink.. 

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