Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A walk in the Refuge

I met up with two friends this morning for a delightful 2 mile walk in the wildlife refuge. Most of the trail was clear although we had to walk through some snow at several points along the route where the sun hadn't had a chance to work its magic.  There were lots of ducks, geese and mergansers in the open patches of water in the wetlands as well as several mute swans.  There isn't anything particularly special about this shot, but it will serve to remind me of the day.  We also saw an adorable muskrat out on the ice, having left its lodge and found an open patch of water.  It was really far for any sort of decent shot, but I will put a mediocre image in extra just in case you want to see a muskrat. They are like small beavers with skinny tails.  Very cute.

Exactly one year ago on this day, the World Health Organization officially declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic.  It all felt so surreal at the time; and still does in so many respects.  I mean, who would have thought we'd be living through a pandemic?  

Our snow is continuing to slowly melt.  The patio is almost clear finally.  At the moment, as I glance out the upstairs window, there are three big male turkeys out back - one walking through the snow and the other two pecking away at seeds on the patio.  As I was working on my images up here, I kept hearing a hammering kind of noise outside - when I finally looked out, it was to see one of the turkeys pecking madly at the seeds.  I will have to remember to put some corn out.

Last night when I flicked on the deck light after dark, it was to find a raccoon peering back at me from the bird bath.  She quickly ran down the stairs and off into the woods - I felt bad for interrupting her drink.  She and her buddy come every night - I can always tell because the bird bath is full of dirt in the morning.

MIL's facility has had another staff member test positive for Covid this week; we aren't sure what this will mean in terms of visits, so holding our breaths.  They've worked so hard to stay "clean" for two months, finally progressing to "orange" phase and now this.  So disheartening for everyone.

Remember to stay safe - social distance, wash hands, wear masks.  And be kind.  And I recommend dark chocolate as a mood-enhancer.


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