By rainie


Its been a while since I blipped this old favourite, and as it turned out I really haven't made a particularly good job of it.  
I had gone out to the garden to photograph them while the roofer man was measuring our roof for insurance purposes.  Had only taken a couple when he found me and asked if he could take a look at our plans.
You've heard of the saying "the best laid plans", well I though I new where they were but couldn't lay my hands on them.  And while he was watching me didn't help, but finally I located them and he scoured through them, finally taking the plans (many many pages) away with him, saying it was going to save him a couple of hours of work. 
I never got back out to photograph more so was thankful that one had two little heads sort of sharp.....I can see two little somethings, maybe a white fluffy dog and the other an owl possibly.

When he left it was almost time to settle in for the Americas Cup boating - if I thought yesterday was exciting and nerve racking, today was the same.  A totally different race, so close with the lead changing several time.  And in the end our boys came away with a good win.  
NZ 6 Italy 3 (first to 7) - one more race potenti
ally we could have held the cup. BUT, the fickle winds put paid to that.....always another day tomorrow.

I spent an enjoyable two hours on the phone to two friends this morning, one my buddy Joan from Nelson, the other to my friend Meg....that took care of the morning no trouble at all.  Taking with friends is never a waste of time.

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